JustISP Network Expansion

With a major focus on delivering and expanding the communications network through regional Australia, JustISP will bring many opportunities to the community well before the NBN roll out. In fact the NBN roll out won’t cover many regional areas, so this is why JustISP is working with the Councils and community on this new initiative.

Our network is rapidly expanding and new opportunities are presented each week.

What this means for people living in rural and regional locations?

Regional locations will have access to the same services and applications in a similar way to those living in metro areas. Many Australians in rural areas have become accustomed to having a poor broadband connection.

Now, with access to fast broadband via our Fixed Wireless towers, more people will be able to harness education, work and entertainment opportunities.

These towers will also allow households in remote locations to be connected to affordable unlimited data packages.

Multiple users will be able to use the one Internet connection and partake in online activities such at the same time.

How will remote businesses benefit?

Access to fast broadband is designed to bring a multitude of advantages to Australian businesses in regional areas.

Online accounting and financing tools (programs and apps) may alleviate time and efficiency pressures, for those commuting to work or located in remote areas.

Ordering from suppliers, taking customers’ orders and rostering might be executed from the comfort of one’s home. Being able to work from home may also facilitate more of a work / life balance.

Most importantly, rural businesses may be able to compete with metropolitan ones, and consequently metro institutions will have global opportunities more readily available, courtesy of access to fast broadband.

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