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Broadband over Wireless

JustISP’s Wireless Broadband service provides you with Residential Internet packages tailored to meet your different needs, from simple email and browsing through to connection speeds suitable for Netflix, Google TV and IPTV.

What is Broadband over Wireless?

Broadband over Wireless (or fixed wireless) is a service that connects two or more fixed locations with a wireless link thus enabling data communication between the sites. Instead of using phone lines and cables, the encrypted data is transmitted over the air between a radio network base station and the user’s premises via a wireless access point that is mounted on the user’s premise.

Why Broadband over Wireless?

Our Wireless Broadband service delivers an always-on, high speed, low latency, extremely secure connection to the Internet.

Ethernet over Wireless offers:

  • Faster speed than dialup & ISDN
  • Far greater reach than copper
  • Low latency unlike satellite

Is Broadband over Wireless right for me?

If you are in a location where copper lines are not available, or have been degraded, Broadband over Wireless might be the perfect solution for you. Since installation of new cabling is not required, the Broadband over Wireless service is ideal for creating a fast, high quality internet connection that can be deployed quickly and at an affordable price.

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